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A thousand dollars and a fancy phone.

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 There was an article going around on a few sites today about Acunetix stating that 70% of websites are at immediate risk of being breached. Soon after, Joe Snyder not only disputed this claim, but bet Acunetix 1000$ they couldn’t compromise 3 out of 10 sites. I could use a thousand bucks and I bet even randomly selected I could get at least 5 out of 10 sites. RSnake wrote a post with a bit more info.

Also, Iwatsu selected Opera for use in their new VoIP phone. From the press release,

PRECOT (Premium Communication Tool) is a next generation solution over a broadband IP connection for the enterprise market. With Opera, PRECOT users can access Web mail or any Web page from the convenience of their screen phones.

It will also have phone to tag support, which basically turns any numbers formatted like a phone number into a link, when it’s clicked the phone will call it. Pretty nifty stuff.

Too bad I dislike phones.


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02/14/2007 at 10:33 am

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  1. […] 18th, 2008 I was reading over this post by Robert Hansen of SecTheory just after reading a post of mine about Opera phone integration. It got me to thinking, specifically this part. It will also have […]

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