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90% Exploitable – Is this progress?

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It’s been nearly three years since many of us estimated that 9 out of 10 sites had at least one flaw while most had more. I have not been to active in the security world as of late ( though this will change soon! ), but I would have hoped we would have made some sort of progress. It seems XSS is still amazingly pervasive and CSRF; the now waking giant, is not far behind.

As Darkreading reports, WhiteHat has issued a press release which states that around 9 of 10 sites have at least one vulnerability while the average site has around six or seven.  I rarely seen WAF’s as the solution, but even over a few years — nearly eternity for the internet, little to no progress has been obviously made. So, perhaps it is finally time. In the whitehat’s defense though, the odds are amazingly against them. Over a hundred million sites operate now. That 1 of 10 sites that is safe is often brochure-ware. A site with little or no interactivity; static html on secure servers.

Perhaps we ARE making developers more security-minded and making progress. I do remember saying this awhile back.

Many sites are vulnerable to XSS, and since all Websites change, eventually another XSS hole will probably open up on sites previously thought [of as] safe.

This seems to remain fairly true today. The very nature of interactive websites tied along with them being revamped fairly often, means that it’s all very dynamic, thus apparently; very insecure.

Oh well. At least with my inactivity as of late, I won’t be heading to an early grave.


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04/10/2008 at 1:19 am

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