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PowWeb passwords

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Just another rant about a remotely possible scenario. Earlier this week I had forgotten the password to the control panel of one of my sites. I went to recover the password and found out to my dismay, that you can use domains to actually change the password. I was curious so I put my domain in. I found out that my password was instantly changed to jibberish. This normally wouldn’t be a huge deal, but this host’s master ftp/sql/etc accounts are based off this same password, so if you used them for anything…they now are totally non-functional until you change your password and the scripts that use it. The password change form declares that I can’t use previous passwords(DO THEY KEEP A LOG!?). So, I can’t simply change it back and have all my stuff working again. That would be a weird DoS, eh? Write a script to automate this process and eat up all of the victims common passwords, while needing them to change a bunch of config files all the time. Sure, they can prevent it from simply creating alternate accounts for ftp and whatnot, but it’s still weird.


Written by Rodney G

05/20/2008 at 9:09 am

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