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WASWiki and my return.

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I was going to originally post about ideas for learning grounds for web application security. But the sla.ckers IRC(#slackers on, pointed me first to OWASP. I realized this was quite a goldmine of information already, but it doesn’t seem too newb friendly, plus much of it seems to be theory more than direct examples. So then kuza55 reminded me of It’s pretty bare, but I believe we can turn this site into a more practical learning site. It’s already going in the correct direction in my opinion.

Anyways, enough my my dreams of grandeur, I am going to start getting back into web application security. Aside from the trusted third party whitelisting issues(otherwise known as XSSing YouTube Mods) I talked about in the #slackers channel, I have not contributed much lately. Things are yet again more stable in my life so I have time to do research and whatnot now. I’m going to start using again for various reasons. First, it’s easier than hosting my own, although it may incur some security issues, I’m sure it will be nothing major. Secondly, it’s already linked to by several people. It has some PR. So I hope to be able to contribute more soon!

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11/13/2007 at 11:35 pm

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